The ductless mini-splits were perfect for my sibling’s bed and brunch.

For almost a year, my sibling actively sought a home to buy that wasn’t too far from me, one that is zoned to allow her to open a bed and brunch… She finally found one though, a sprawling home just outside of town, straight-forward to find and not too far off the beaten path that she’ll lose guests, and the home had several spacious kitchens and an eat in kitchen, residing room, kitchen, den and library, but it was an older home that was in desperate need of updating.

  • It had no modern air conditioner or furnaces.

There was no air conditioner at all and all the main rooms, and the master kitchen, had fireplaces, so the two of us assume this was the main heat source when the home was built. Every one of us found that entirely tough to guess however it was obvious that my sibling was going to need some kind of heating and cooling system, so she brought in an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist for a consultation. Since there was no ductwork, he suggested that my sibling invest in ductless mini-split air conditioner and furnaces, then he explained that the ductless mini-splits are zone controlled, come with remotes, and can be turned off in empty rooms to save energy and money. The Heating and Air Conditioning specialist promised that the ductless mini-splits would be straight-forward to install and straight-forward to maintain and he was right on both counts. The ductless mini-split air conditioner and heating systems were perfect for my sibling’s up-to-date bed and brunch and fit very into the decor. Every one of us are grateful for that Heating and Air Conditioning specialist.

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