This could be a very dangerous situation

On the one side of things, the lockdown has not changed my life legitimately much, because I was a homebody to begin with; I task from my house office, so I can be with my child full time and give him the attention he needs.

For the same reason I don’t go out much when the sun sets, but he has a breathing condition that isn’t debilitating but is legitimately absolutely triggered by pollen and pollution; As long as he stays inside it’s fine, so the lockdown is not a large scale change for our afternoon to afternoon lives.

On the other hand, all of us are legitimately dependent on our central Heating & Air Conditioning idea to maintain the superior air quality we currently need for his health; Of course I am not so near sighted as to put all my eggs into a single basket, so there are some extra air filters that I can use if and when the central idea stops absolutely working, but they are the free sitting kind of electric air filters, and they task legitimately well but don’t offer any type of temperature control. They will be nice to keep the indoor air pollen levels clean and perfect for him, but at the same time the site will start heating up and that isn’t great for him either. I have been spending a huge amount of my time online, enjoying cooling system tutorials on Youtube just in case I need to try and repair something myself, however let’s hope it does not come to that, due to the fact that I am not skilled enough to absolutely task on an a/c, but it makes me assume better to try.