Longing for my own HVAC

I wasn’t all that eager to shell out a bunch of money for the upgrades to our home.

  • But, it was the best way for us to showcase our home in order to get the best price for it.

However, I wasn’t prepared to falling completely in love with one of the upgrades. The upgrade I am referring to is the HVAC system. The old one was clearly not a selling point for the house so I replaced that old war horse with a remarkable new heating & cooling model. I was stunned by how far the HVAC technology had come when the new one arrived. The HVAC contractor we used suggested that we go with one that while not the very top end, it was close. Once it came on for the first time, I was shocked. The HVAC comfort was the best that I had ever experienced in my life. It didn’t take long for me to become completely enamored with it. The house actually took nearly a year to sell so I was able to enjoy this HVAC unit for that long. And it was heaven. However, now I am experiencing the opposite of HVAC heaven. This is due to the fact that we chose to rent once we sold the house. The thinking was that this renting option would allow us to pare down our belongings and get accustomed to a much smaller space. It did that but, I sure hate having to be without that spectacular HVAC. The rental condo doesn’t even remotely compare to the spectacular heating & cooling of the house I just sold. I can’t wait to own that sort of HVAC system again.


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