Working hard to build up our customer base without pressuring people

Something that I was thinking was how a lot of customers are stressed out by some of our costly HVAC services.

I asked the boss if we could do coupon specials every month to get more interest in some of our services.

He decided that we could try to do something like that. We started with cheap ductwork cleaning to see how that would go. When people stumbled upon our coupons, we actually started getting a lot of calls asking for our ductwork cleaning services. With those ductwork cleanings we were able to talk about other potential issues with people’s HVAC systems. Of course there was no pressure, it was all about keeping HVAC systems in excellent working condition. Nobody loves to be pressured and it’s against our policy to do anything like that. If any of the HVAC technicians at our company get caught trying to pressure people, they will be disciplined right away and in some cases fired. We actually have some of the finest HVAC professionals though including myself. I have always enjoyed this type of work and I’m really glad that we are making steps to make customers’ lives more hassle free at least when it comes to heating and cooling services. With upcoming specials, I am thinking about taking a percentage off on installations for new customers. I’ll see if the boss thinks that’s a good idea or not. I think that if we do this, we will get a bunch of new customers and they might be interested in our HVAC service plans!
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