I love going to various places with excellent climate control for spoken word

I don’t see any reason to stick around in places like that

One of my favorite things to do is to go to locals where they do poetry nights. Sometimes I will get into karaoke, but I’m not the best when it comes to singing. I also don’t necessarily enjoy other bad singers butchering songs. Poetry on the other hand is usually a phenomenal experience. There are some poets that don’t do very well, but I figure that everybody can work up to greatness. The one thing that makes it all great is having the perfect temperature control settings in the venue. I love it when everything is just right including the humidity levels. You know a place is really on their ‘A’ game when they have a dehumidifier/humidifier unit with the humidistat set to the perfect levels. Also, if they have a quality air purification system and keep their HVAC system properly maintained, that’s the ideal place to be going. I know all of the owners at these establishments and I only read poetry at the places that have the best HVAC systems. I will go to other establishments from time to time if they have reasonable temperature control settings, but I won’t stick around if I don’t feel very comfortable. I have heard some really lousy spoken words in some places with horrible temperature control settings. I don’t see any reason to stick around in places like that. I already know all of the best spots. I would actually be surprised apart from a new place opening up to hear about another great place in the area. If I did hear about such a place, I would be there in a heartbeat.
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