My son won first place at The Science Fair with his makeshift cooling system

I was happy when my son asked if I would help him make something for The Science Fair.

When I asked him what he wanted to build, he said he wanted to make a cooling system.

When I first thought about a cooling system, I was thinking about something that was going to cost a small fortune. I didn’t think that we could do something like that because we were not HVAC professionals. Then he told me that he saw people build these awesome makeshift cooling systems on YouTube and he said it only involved materials like coolers, tubing, ice and a stationary fan. When he explained how cheap it was to make one of these makeshift cooling systems, I was entirely on board with the idea! It was actually fun to build this cooling system with my son and when we finally had it finished, we just had to pour in the ice and turn on the pump and the fan. The pump pulled the ice-cold water through the tubing and the tubing was connected to the fan like a makeshift condenser unit. The fan blew on the cool tubing and the air was just like air conditioning! When my son entered his project into the science fair, he ended up winning first place! I was so proud of him and I thought he was brilliant to be able to think of such an awesome project. He actually lets me use the makeshift cooling system when I’m working in the garage and I love it! I think I like it better than a regular window A/C unit.


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