I sometimes wish people wouldn't be so nice.

Because of the pandemic, it seems many people are nothing but rude.

They don’t want to wear their masks because it is against their rights.

They have forgotten it is everyone else’s rights to have them wear their masks so everyone can be safe. T I find some people are being super nice to everyone. You could walk up to them and scream in their ear and they will still smile. I am finding them to be more annoying than the mean people. I can get mad at those who are mean, but I am infuriated with those who feel they need to smile and be kind. My brother is one of those compassionate people and I just want to smack him. I walked into his house the other day and I told him his house smelled. He had three dogs and two of them had puppies. I asked him why he didn’t have an air purifier to get rid of the stench. He just looked at me and smiled. He told me he was sorry his air quality wasn’t what it should be. He told me he would have a whole home air purifier installed before I came back to visit. I wondered what was going on with my hot-headed brother? I wanted to poke him in the nose. I said I wanted the air purifier last month and not this month; I was really trying to goad him into being my actual brother. He bit his lip and said that if his girlfriend heard him yell one more time; she was going to leave him. I just laughed and told him she had him whipped.