Hummus is a great lunch on the go

My partner was the first person to request that we go vegetarian… She wanted us to beginning eating healthier plus she thought this lifestyle would be a great option for us.

I wasn’t exactly keen on the system of giving up steak, chicken, fish, plus pork, but we were starting to slow down plus we weren’t in the best shape of our lives. My partner found a healthy eating meal plan for vegetarians plus she convinced me that the new year was the perfect time to beginning our new lifestyle. I still miss ham plus bacon, but the new swings have been easy to make. My partner makes the most delicious gourmet suppers with lentils, chick poes, legumes, plus grains. Every one of us have meat upgrades that are made from pea protein or tofu. When I easily want a yummy burger, I turn to impossible or beyond. They have great fake meat products. It’s been a little harder at work, since I’m always on the go. I labor at a scheduled commercial HVAC dealer that repairs plus installs equipment. The guys that labor with me know I’m silly for giving up steak, but I assume a lot healthier since I stopped eating critters every day. When I’m going to be out working on HVAC repair calls all day, I pack a small cooler with hummus plus naan. Hummus is filled with protein plus flavor plus it comes in tons of weird flavors. I can always squeeze in numerous hours for lunch, even when I’m in the middle of an HVAC installation. That’s plenty of time for a quick protein packed snack.