The air vents were the culprit.

I know that I am high maintenance, but that is who I am. I like having good coffee in the morning. I need my puppy by my side to keep me happy. I also need to be able to get outside into nature as much as possible. I am exceptionally happy when I know that my central HVAC is running well and my air quality is the best possible. That is why, when my allergies began acting up, I couldn’t figure out why. I have an excellent climate control system. I make sure the air filters are changed regularly and I also have regular inspections and cleaning done on the HVAC system. I couldn’t understand how, with all my ministrations, I could have such poor air quality. I finally called the HVAC company to have them check out my system. I was suffering from allergies and the only place it could be coming from was my HVAC system. I had been stuck inside for so long that my HVAC system was causing me to be sick. When the HVAC technician arrived, he solidified my suspicions. He told me that I had mold in the ductwork. When the air blew through the ductwork, it was sending the mold spores out through the air vents. I had to have my ductwork and air vents cleaned and sanitized to get my good air quality back again. I guess I never thought that the ductwork was part of the HVAC system. Had I thought about it, I would have realized what was going on. I had taken care of the HVAC system, but not the way the heat and air conditioning was being transported to my home.

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