The bathroom needed a separate ventilation system.

Who would have thought that I would need to call a professional HVAC company to make changes to my house.

When we first bought our home, we were thrilled with the idea that the central HVAC system was fairly new.

I liked the air quality control unit and how well it worked. We didn’t want to need to pay a lot of money for a new HVAC system. We had the old system inspected by a professional inspector on a regular basis, but it didn’t matter. We soon realized we were going to need a new HVAC system. It wasn’t a central unit, but one for the bathroom. The ventilation in the system was not enough to clear the humidity from the bathroom. It had Zone Control, but it was obvious that the bathroom was not being handled well. There wasn’t enough heat or humidity control in the bathroom. We had an overhead ventilation fan, but it wasn’t strong enough to deal with the humidity that came from hot showers and baths. We knew that we needed to install a new HVAC system into the bathroom. We decided it may behoove us to just trade in our entire HVAC system and install Zone Control into the bathroom to help remove the added humidity. The bathroom needed to be on its own ventilation system or we were going to have a big problem with mold and mildew. As much as I hated the idea, I knew I had to call the HVAC company and get someone to come to the house and look at our HVAC system. We had to have better ventilation for the bathroom.


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