First dates require good air quality.

People have been locked in their homes for so long now, that they have forgotten the important things in their home. One of the important things I have been less mindful of, was my air quality. Even in this time of pandemic, I am still thinking about my love life. I hadn’t had a date in quite some time. I was going onto those dating sites they have on the internet. I got a couple of dates, but it is hard dating right now. You talked to a person online, but that doesn’t really help you to know a person. Eventually, once the passion starts to build, you want to see each other in person. I usually invited them to my house, since I have a home and there aren’t any roommates. Over the past months, I had several dates, but they seem to run cold when they meet me. I realized that it was my air quality that was chasing the women away, and not me. My air quality was so poor that when I realized it was the problem, I was put off by the odor of my house. It took losing a girl, or three, to make me take a big sniff of my air. When my friend talked about dating online, I told him he should have his HVAC system inspected even before he gave it a second thought. I explained how my air quality had ruined dates, and had I had my HvAC system inspected and cleaned, I may have had someone there to help keep me company during the pandemic.

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