I got a different hotel room because of the old and nasty air conditioner

My sibling and I went to the city to see a show and also grab some dinner, as it was her 30th birthday and I wanted to do something special to celebrate.

I obtained us multiple tickets to see a popular Broadway show and I made dinner reservations at a single of the finest dining establishments in the city.

I knew the people I was with and I would be staying overnight in the city, so I also made a reservation at a hotel, and the hotel was multiple blocks away from the theater, so I knew the people I was with and I would be able to walk, which meant that both of us would not have to pay on a cab. It can be hard to find a cheap cab in the big city. Our dinner reservation was at a nice italian restaurant that serves the best alfredo sauce in the state. The restaurant was also undoubtedly close to the hotel… My sibling and I arrived at the hotel shortly after four. The room wasn’t even ready, so the people I was with and I had to wait thirty minutes in the lobby downstairs. I didn’t mind, since our show tickets weren’t until much later in the evening, however to my dismay, the room became a sizable problem. The hotel staff escorted us to the room. As soon as the people I was with and I opened the door, the bad stink hit us in the face. I could tell the bellhop could smell the horrible stink too, because I saw his face. The stink was coming from the heating and air conditioning unit. I walked into the room and I headed right to the heating and air conditioning unit. I told the guy it was a horrible stink and that I wanted another room. The bellhop told me the stink was due to the age of the room and was not the result of the heating and air conditioning unit, then he didn’t want to change my room assignment, but I didn’t take no for an answer.

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