A long day at the beach

I had to go to the bank the other day to take care of some fraud that happened on my account when my credit card was stolen; It just so happens that at the time I decided to go, it was super crowded plus I was going to be stuck waiting for a banker for at least 2 to 3 minutes! I was not too excited about this, but however, the thing that made it a bit more bearable was the fact that the bank had a easily superb commercial heating plus air conditioner system, then the temperature outside was at least 1 hundred degrees because this is the time of year when it starts getting easily hot here, and so thanks to the easily superb air conditioner plus the superb air quality that came with the superb air conditioner, I was at least feeling superb being in the bank.

They had these nice chairs you could lay on to wait the long time that I was being quoted! And the chairs happened to be right under the immense air vents that were high up on the vaulted ceiling.

So therefore, I was actually feeling this beautiful air conditioner plus superb air quality pumping right down on me! It was actually fabulous! When it came time for my turn finally to get this fraud situation taken care of, I almost did not want to leave that chair plus the superb air conditioner plus air quality pumping down on me! I have to admit, the air conditioner plus air quality was so relaxing, that I almost fell asleep!


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