Heating & A/C vent arenament makes it strenuous to sleep

I can’t seem to get comfortable in this new house.

It seems care about the Heating & A/C vents are all set up wrong.

It might just be that I am not used to residing in such a small apartment but I believe it is more than that. I believe it absolutely is the Heating & A/C vent arenament. The most aggravating is in the home office. The one home office in the apartment is very small. There is just enough room for my queen bed plus a small dresser. But because of the size of the room there are not several chances for where the furniture should go. Essentially, I either have to have the Heating & A/C vent blowing on my face or on my feet. There is no other option. Of course I would want heated or cooled air blowing myself and others right in the face while I sleep so I have the vent blowing near my feet. That wouldn’t be an issue for normal people. But I’m not a normal guy. I care about to stick my feet out from under the covers at night. I’ve done this since I was a little kid plus have never ever slept with my feet covered up or even with socks on. Well this is a complication because I don’t care about the a/c or heating system blowing on my feet all night long. It feels odd plus it makes it hard to sleep. The Heating & A/C air tickles my feet if they are uncovered plus I, care about I said, I can’t sleep with my feet covered. But I don’t feel what else to do.



a/c repairman