Humidity can cause lots of indoor problems

It causes a lot of problems with mold & mildew

I moved down south about many years ago, after my Dad & dad sold their house. They moved down south too, although I live about an hour away from their location. I wasn’t going to follow my parents to the region, although I missed them terribly. I never visited the South much before I decided to move here. I came here 1 time for Springtime break & I had a fantastic time. I thought the beach was beautiful. The sand was colorlessr than I imagined & the waves & the water were magical. The un-even temperatures were warm compared to the freezing un-even temperatures that I felt at apartment in May. I thought moving here would be an awesome adventure, although I never expected to hate the location so much. The humidity is truly the reason why I don’t care about living here. I don’t mind warm summers. Both of us had 90 degree un-even temperatures in the state where I previously lived. The humidity makes things a lot worse. It makes a 90-degree day recognize care about a hundred several degrees. It makes the air recognize sticky, heavy, & hot, and even when I run the all day & all night, I can still recognize the humidity inside of the house. It causes a lot of problems with mold & mildew. I cannot afford to buy a dehumidifier sizable enough for my whole apartment, although I truly would if I could. I know the humidity is truly the largest reason why I am so uncomfortable most of the time, then all I can do is use the & hope for cooler afternoons in the fall.

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