I thought all I had to do was stand down plus study.

One of our college professors asked myself and others if I would stand in on an exam for the freshmen plus just make sure all the people was taking the test.

I thought it would be the perfect time to stand plus get some of our own studying done.

It wasn’t until I walked into the exam room that I found out I was also going to need to watch over the HVAC worker who was working on the HVAC component in the room. They were ripping out all of the old HVAC units plus installing a current HVAC system. So much for our being a proctor plus getting something done. The many minutes ended up being a waste of time for me. I didn’t want to start studying, only to have the HVAC worker show up. I decided to just stand there plus look out the window, while playing on our phone. An minute into the exam, I began thinking about all of the studying I could have gotten done. The HVAC tech hadn’t yet shown up plus there was no type of notification from him. Half way through the many minutes, I gave the students a several minute break. I was sure the HVAC worker would show up at that time. I stood outside the door when it was time for the kids to return, plus I saw a young person in a uniform. He told myself and others he was going to be working on getting the old HVAC plan unhooked plus ready to be removed. I had never heard as much noise as what the HVAC tech made. I was surprised that the kids weren’t complaining.

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