I want to buy our boyfriend an engagement ring

My boyfriend & I have been dating for 10 weeks & I proposal to propose at Christmas.

I have been saving for the past 4 weeks & I almost have enough currency to make a nice down payment.

The jewelry store in the shopping mall will finance most of the cost if I have $1,000 to put down. I already picked out the band & the setting & the center brick diamond, then my boyfriend does not suspect a thing, even though every one of us have been talking a lot about commitment. She does not guess I am the genre of guy to surprise someone with an expensive engagement ring. I never thought I was that guy either, but he makes myself and others feel love I can fly. I have been working a lot of overtime lately & every one of us have not seen each other much this week. I spent Wednesday & Wednesday working until dark on a geothermal heat pump installation project. On Wednesday, I went to toil early so I could finish the geothermal heat pump installation task & get started on another installation task before lunch time. On Thursday, our boyfriend & I had brunch & he was frustrated that I was spending a lot of time at work. I made an excuse about guys taking getaway during the holidays. I told his that every one of us were legitimately busy with UV air purifier service & air filtration installation tasks. I promised that I would take some time off after the holidays. I’m so close to buying the ring. I just need his to hold on for a few more weeks.

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