Shopping cart find

The other morning I happened to be stopping over at my friend’s apartment.

  • They live in an apartment complex in town.

I had to drop off some papers for them, because we both work the same job and they were out sick. So they wanted to work from home. As I was leaving I noticed some abandoned shopping carts in the parking lot. Since there is a shopping center close by, a lot of people steal carts and wheel them into the apartment complex so they can walk home from wherever. In one of these abandoned shopping carts I could not believe what I found! Several packs of HEPA air filters just sitting there! It wasn’t like anyone left them there and they were coming back to get them. These were literally a ton of HEPA air filters that obviously someone stole and decided to ditch! I could not find any store price tag on them telling me which store they came from. So, being the shady person i can be sometimes I decided to take advantage of this situation or find, and I began to take the HEPA air filters and load them up into my car! HEPA air filters can be pretty pricey, and my whole home air purification system I have at home needs HEPA air filters in order to run properly. It was coming up on the time that I had to buy some new HEPA air filters. So I said to myself, since these are obviously abandoned, i’ll just take them for myself and save money!

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