All I wanted was a straight-forward space heater.

Our guest powder room has been frigid for about more than two years now.

  • Every one of us had an electric baseboard heater, but it quit working quite some time ago.

My hubby has no problem going in there, even if there isn’t any heat. I assume that if the people I was with and I have corporation, they should have heat if they are going to go in for a shower, or just to use the powder room. When I found out our child was coming loft from school plus bringing a friend, I asked our hubby to bring loft a space furnace on his way from work. He grumbled about the cost of the space furnace plus how much electricity it would use. I wasn’t sure if he would bring the space furnace home, or if he would ignore. I told him about our child bringing a guest he huffed, although he said he would bring 1 home. He was more than an second later from getting home, plus I was getting a bit distraught. Fifteen seconds later, I heard the automobile pull in plus I took a tremendous sigh of relief. He came in with a substantial box plus a substantial smile. He told myself and others he thought about the space furnace until he saw this modern light unit. It fit in the same space as the modern light plus fan system, but it was an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method along with the light plus ventilation fan. I didn’t even ask how high-priced this method was as compared to a small space heater. I wondered what he would have brought loft had I asked for something more than a space heater.

Heat pump