An HVAC technician changed my life

It really is amazing what you can accomplish in life with just a little bit of motivation.

I was stuck at this lousy dead-end job for the longest time.

I was not happy in my life and I felt like I was going nowhere fast. The older I became, the more depressed I felt. I was stuck in this lousy apartment that was falling apart. The landlord didn’t care to fix the HVAC system and I always got the cheapest air filters because it was all I could afford. I put myself in a bad situation because this caused the air quality to be poor. I ended up calling an HVAC company to see how much it would cost to have the HVAC system fixed. I was surprised when I got into a conversation with the HVAC technician. He was saying if I was interested, they were looking to hire more HVAC technicians. He said he could hear in my voice somehow that I wasn’t very happy with whatever job I had. He said he had a feeling that I would love working in the HVAC industry. I couldn’t believe that this total stranger had confidence in me, and when he said the boss was willing to pay for my schooling to get my HVAC certification, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. This completely changed my life because I made my way through the school and I became an official HVAC technician and actually knew what I was doing. I started making way more money and I was able to move into a better home. That HVAC technician and I have been good friends ever since we first talked on the phone.


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