I enjoy getting visits from my grandkids in the summer months

For numerous years I have had my grandkids come over to visit with their parents.

It was always nice visiting with the grandchildren and they always had a blast playing around the yard. In the summer months, we actually get fireflies around here and they love to go out and catch the fireflies. Of course I make sure they let the fireflies go after a little while so they don’t die. Also every spring season before we have our visits, I always make sure to contact the local HVAC company so that they may perform a tune-up for the cooling system. I never want anybody to suffer on account of me not doing my job keeping up with the HVAC system. When everybody comes to visit, I always have the perfect temperature control settings. I also have a smart thermostat which makes it easy for me to have the temperature control settings automatically adjusted when we choose to leave the house and do different things. We often like to go to places like the beach, the zoo, and sometimes even museums. I always enjoy the museums because I love how they keep the A/C system cranked up and the air quality is always nice. After some activities, the grandkids love to go get ice cream so I will usually buy them some and hang out with the parents and talk. Always before heading back home, I make sure to adjust the temperature control settings with my smartphone so that the house is nice and comfortable when we get back.

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