I suppose it was fate that I met my business partner at an early age

It’s really crazy how things work in life sometimes, like you had a certain destiny to meet somebody in particular.

Well, when I was a youngster, there was this kid who decided to steal my bike.

I was so angry, but I searched all over and eventually I caught this kid who was riding my bike around the neighborhood. I ended up tackling him and I beat the living daylights out of him and took my bike back. Eventually he came back around and he apologized for stealing my bike. He said it was tempting because it was just sitting there and there was no lock on it. I didn’t feel like I should have to lock my bike, I just felt like people should know better than to steal from others. Well, he apologized to me and he made it up to me by bringing me a window A/C unit. I asked him if he stole the cooling system, and he said he actually worked hard to save money and bought it for his bedroom. He said he wanted me to have the window A/C unit because of what he did and he wanted to make things right. It’s funny because we became really good friends since that time. He actually became my best friend and to this day we are still the best of friends. We also happen to be co-owners of a successful HVAC company. I think what really inspired me to get into the HVAC industry was his gesture of giving me a window A/C unit to make up for the fact that he stole my bike when we were kids.