My new condo is so large that our air conditioners can’t keep it cool

My new condo is so large that our air conditioners can’t keep it cool.

It makes myself and others feel so aggravated with myself for not thinking of that before I decided to buy the house. I have numerous window air conditioner units, plus they used to keep our old condo nice plus cool. My old condo didn’t have the high ceilings that our new condo has. I am so thankful that our new condo does not have the small windows that our old condo did, however at the same time, our new condo is so hard to cool. I just don’t feel what to do. The condo apparently does not have central air conditioner. I love central air conditioner, however I have never truly owned a condo with central air conditioner. If any condo should have central air conditioner, it is our condo now. I just wish that it had central air conditioner because it is so large plus the ceilings are so high. My numerous window air conditioner units are almost a joke in our house. They hardly do anything in the kitchen or home office. It is hard to get almost anything done while in the morning because it is just so moderate in our house. It is truly close to eighty-5 degrees in our condo most nights. It truly gets even warmer periodically. The temperatures outside are in the upper nineties most of the time, plus that really odors. It means that our condo is usually really warm. I hope that I can figure out a plan to cool our house, however so far, I have not figured out how to cool our new house.

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