The cleaning crew

I recently hired a cleaning crew to come in plus deep scrub my house, however my house was actually filthy from over a year of no cleaning in it, and i have a actually busy schedule which is why it got this bad, but calling the professional cleaning contractor to send a cleaning crew was my best option, then this cleaning contractor was actually great.

In addition to the basic deep cleaning in the house, they also cleaned my central heating plus unit in my backyard! I could not believe it! They honestly cleaned the central heating plus unit as if it was a piece of outdoor furniture.

I could not complain since it did not cost myself and others any extra, plus plus with the central heating plus air conditioner unit itself being cleaned it was honestly reducing the risk of some of that dirt plus grime getting into the fan or motor of the central heat plus unit. That could cause some serious problems plus possibly even cost myself and others to have to get a brand new central heating plus air conditioner unit, but so I actually thanked the cleaning crew for taking care of that. I would have never thought to scrub my central heating plus air conditioner unit on my own. It is 1 of those things that just slips your mind because it is not area of your household indoors. I honestly gave the cleaning crew a cash tip for doing this for me. I did not have to do this, despite the fact that I felt it was something I should do to say thanks for going the extra mile!

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