My Morning Blog Posts Did a Segment About Air Quality

Along with cleaning plus sterilizing surfaces, homeowners want to think how to keep the air they’re breathing free of viruses plus bacteria. I’m one of those people who are eager to eliminate airborne illness, so I’ve been doing everything I can to clean the air in my home. Air quality is a hot topic right now, so it wasn’t difficult finding information. In fact, the morning news did an entire segment about cleaning the air in a home. They interviewed one of the top Heating plus A/C dealers in the area about air quality, plus he assured the viewers that it was straight-forward. The first thing homeowners needed to do was clean all the rugs plus drapes, because they were known for hoarding bacteria. If you could eliminate it completely, that was even better, then next, he recommended washing all the bedding in hot water at least once per week. Third, the Heating plus A/C contractor said that having great ventilation in spaces appreciate the dining room plus lavatory were important… Excess heat could come in contact with plastic products lying around, which would provide off toxic chemicals. Then, he said that homeowners should switch their air filters to HEPA certified filters, because they were reliable plus most effective. Official HEPA air filters would trap all dust, debri, viruses plus bacteria, then by implementing these straight-forward things inside the home, the air was bound to remain as clean plus sterile as possible. It seemed appreciate a lot of work, even though I was stuck at apartment anyway, so I had no excuse not to take these suggestions.


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