It will be nice ordering food online for my birthday this year

I have never been one to make a sizable fuss about my birthday… I do not actually feel that people should be so self-centered and having massive anniversary bashes is pretty much just narcissism.

I suppose that puts me in the minority, but I sincerely don’t care. I do have an associate who just can’t understand it. He consistently insists on wanting to do something for my birthday party, but that usually means going out for some costly supper. I am not against going to a nice diner. I often go out for a nice meal, but I just don’t want it to be all about me. This year, I am going to convince my buddy that instead of going out, both of us should just order food online. The two of us can order food online, prepared meals of our choosing, and get supper delivery services that bring the prepared meals directly to the front door, especially in this time of a virus that has almost everyone scared of almost everyone else. Meal delivery services seem to be a pretty fine idea! I hope that my associate buys into it because I have now got my heart set on prepared meal services for my birthday bash. If he is going to insist on “doing something” because I happened to be born on a certain day, I suppose both of us can easily order supper meals online, get prepared meal delivery services, and just have a pleasant night in the dwelling. I might even splurge and go off my diet and order a few desserts online, as well! Next, both of us will have to figure out whose dwelling both of us will be hanging out at!



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