My marriage is doomed thanks to the pandemic

I easily know why they locked everything down.

It was basically in hopes to save lives.

However, this lock down has totally messed up my life. I went from being happily married to seeking a divorce lawyer in the matter of 6 months. My partner and I have been happily married for over 4 years! We honestly never went to bed annoyed and the two of us always were getting along just fine… But there is something about working from home, with no escape, that is dangerous for a marriage. The two of us both started working from the beach house back in May. It started with all the little things, she loves the air conditioning equipment blasting all day long in addition to I don’t. I prefer to listen to songs when I’m working and she doesn’t want to hear anything. These little things have built up over the past few months until we were constantly bickering. That is, if the two of us talk to each other at all. That’s why I am looking for a divorce lawyer now. I found out (by accident) that my partner is already talking to a divorce lawyer. I don’t want her to take me for all I’m worth so I am going to need a divorce lawyer of my own really soon. Honestly, I thought possibly our marriage would be ok if the two of us could just survive this pandemic and finally go back to working in an office building away from each other, but seemingly not. My fantastic friend got divorced about 2 years ago in addition to he got the short end of the deal. So I called up my friend’s ex-fiance’s divorce lawyer to use for myself. I will meet him on Monday. I can’t easily believe it has come to this but here we are.

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