I’m glad I was able to get my employees settled with corporate housing

I have to move approximately 12 of my employees out to the west coast for 3 weeks.

The people I was with and I are now working together with another supplier out there on a pretty sizable project.

The people I was with and I hashed out all of the details over the past few weeks… I am responsible for paying for my employees’ temporary living conditions. The other supplier provided us a flat fee to reimburse us for the temporary housing. It was basically up to me to find a site for my employees to live. I looked into booking hotel rooms for 3 weeks but that is terribly costly. Besides, hotels honestly are not real housing. I came across corporate housing plus this ended up being the most wonderful fit. With corporate housing I am saving a pretty good amount of money. In fact, my supplier will truly come out ahead. I knew my employees would care about the corporate housing a whole lot too. The corporate properties are fully furnished. That even includes the kitchen. The kitchen actually has pots plus pans plus tableware. I was entirely shocked to find that out. When I stop and think of fully furnished I thought that meant it has all of the appliances plus furniture you need to live plus sleep comfortably. But obviously fully furnished means it has everything you could need altogether! My employees told me that the corporate housing even had storage containers for their leftovers. Overall my employees were completely enthusiastic with their temporary housing plus so was I. They are getting their contract finished ahead of schedule plus that is a magnificent thing. I suppose having a good night’s rest, plus the ability to cook their own meals, helps a bunch.


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