Proactive HVAC strategies promote strong immune response

It is pretty clear to me that those with the most compromised or suppressed immune systems are the 1s getting hit the hardest with Covid.

That is a fact that I actually had to come to terms with as I navigated my way through all of this mess. This fact was the main reason I chose to stay toiling from the HVAC comfort of my lake house until there is a viable vaccine. All of my life I have dealt with a health condition which has compromised my immune system. Add to that that I’m in my mid fifties in addition to it became clear that I had to do all I could to avoid this virus. However, just avoiding it was not going to be enough. I wanted to also take proactive steps to strengthen my immune health. Along with swings in my diet in addition to exercise, I chose to make some swings in the HVAC. The connect between superb air quality in addition to a strong immune response is indisputable. So, I got rid of those cheap paper HVAC air filters. These are good for the HVAC but do nothing to promote healthy in addition to superb air quality. I replaced these with HEPA genre HVAC air filters. They are able to trap in addition to remove more than 99 percent of airborne air contaminants. Additionally, the people I was with and I have made plans to install a whole lake house air cleaner to the HVAC. With these more than one proactive measures, I am ensuring that this lake house has the best air quality possible. While that won’t make my chance of getting the virus nil, it will help my immune plan to get as strong as possible. It’s better than just doing nothing.

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