The worst part of working an HVAC job are all of the weird hours

I’ve been working as an HVAC technician for several years now and for the most part I really enjoy my job.

I usually like the customers that I end up dealing with, and I’m super great at figuring out different problems that might be going on with people’s furnaces or central air conditioning systems.

I guess I was just born to be an HVAC technician, because there really hasn’t ever been an issue that I’ve run into yet that I haven’t been able to figure out. I think that a lot of times, I’m just the right person for the job. Anyway, I really love most of the things about my job. I love my own personal HVAC maintenance truck that the office gave me, and I love driving it around to my customers’ homes and fixing their problems for me. They are just about always glad to see me coming, that’s for sure. That’s especially true in the summertime when they are having an air conditioning problem and they want me there to fix their cooling system. I guess the only thing that I really don’t enjoy that much about being an HVAC technician is the schedule. I mean, HVAC systems don’t tear up when it just happens to be convenient for me. That means that I have to jump out of bed sometimes in the middle of the night to take care of HVAC emergencies. Sometimes it’s annoying, but I guess I just have to do it to make a living. The schedule for an HVAC technician is definitely the worst part of the job, though.

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