Losing the air conditioner in my car was the last straw

Losing the air conditioner in my car was the last straw.

Once I realized that the air conditioner was going in my car, I decided that it was probably time for a new car.

The air conditioner was certainly not the first thing to go in my car, but it was the last thing to go. I am just so sick of taking my car to the mechanic to get it fixed. I also heard from some friends that getting just about anything HVAC related fixed by a mechanic is quite pricey. I was not ready to spend hundreds of more dollars to get the air conditioner in my car fixed when my car is only worth a bit more than that. I have driven my car for the past ten years, so I would say that it has done me well, but it is just time to get a new one. I have to have air conditioning in my car where I live because it gets so hot. It gets up to like one hundred degrees almost every day during the summer months, and the rest of the year is still pretty warm. I use the air conditioner in my car almost year round because of how warm it is. I am going to get a new car with working air conditioning as soon as I find the car that I think is best for me. I have looked at a few cars, but none of them were what I was looking for. Hopefully, I can find a nice car soon because I am already missing my air conditioning.


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