My new air purifier is not working

My new air purifier is not working.

I don’t know why I went ahead and bought the same brand of air purifier as my last one when I didn’t even like my last air purifier.

I guess it was a total mistake on my part because now, my new air purifier is not working well. I have only had my new air purifier for about three weeks, and I am already having trouble with it. My last air purifier wasn’t this bad. I used it for about a year before it started having troubles. I just wish that I would have spent the extra money to get a nicer air purifier. I was planning to get a nicer air purifier, but when I saw the price of the nicer air purifier, I decided to go with the cheaper air purifier that was the same brand as my last one. I am such a cheapskate, and it truly is not a good thing. I almost alway regret going with the cheapest option. I really should learn from my mistakes when it comes to buying cheap things and always regretting it. I guess I am just not smart enough to learn from my mistakes. Now, I either have to go get a new air purifier, or I have to try to argue with the company that made my current air purifier and try to get them to give me my money back. I am not sure which one I will end up doing, but I would like a working air purifier as soon as possible.


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