My friends don't understand my point of view

My friends understand my point of view and it’s starting to get on my nerves.

I know that my friends and I share different political views, but I’m tired of hearing about the fact that covid-19 doesn’t exist.

Over 200,000 dead Americans isn’t a political hoax and it’s clear that we have a huge and serious problem on our hands. A lot of my friends don’t seem very concerned about the virus and they aren’t taking necessary precautions like wearing a mask or washing and sanitizing their hands. My family and I are concerned and we are taking the virus seriously. We wash and sanitize our hands frequently and we wear a mask everywhere. We have been social distancing for months and months and we have not been to a restaurant in a long time. My friends wanted me to go to a wedding for one of our college buddies. I really wanted to go , but they were having the event indoors where everyone would share the same HVAC system. They were not requiring folks to wear masks and in fact wrote in the invitations that masks were optional. Indoor events with shared HVAC ductwork are 55% more likely to spread harmful germs, bacteria, mold and viruses like Covid-19. I can’t take any chances with two small children and a pregnant wife. If the event was indoors I might consider changing my mind, but shared HVAC ductwork is not worth the risk. With infection rates still high, I think the best idea is to stay home and send them a nice gift in the mail.
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