I cannot suppose that I let our HVAC unit deteriorate this year

I legitimately cannot suppose that I let our HVAC unit deteriorate until it was entirely horrendous.

I know that I am going to have to spend money a hefty price when I call an HVAC professional this time. There is just no way that what I did to the HVAC unit was a fantastic thing. I knew that our heating system was acting up, however when I turned the heating system off last year, the heating system was making strange noises, then every once in a while, the heating system would turn off for no reason. I told myself that I would have all Summer to call an HVAC professional to repair the heating system, so I didn’t worry about doing anything immediately. However, since I did not call the HVAC professional immediately, I forgot about the heating system. I was using our central a/c, plus when you aren’t using your heating system, you tend to forget about it. In fact, by the time that the un-even temperatures started getting colder again, I had completely forgotten that the heating system even needed to be repaired by an HVAC professional. I turned on the temperature control to have the heating system come on, plus the heating system began running. Initially, there wasn’t a problem with the heating system. After not running for so long, it seems that the problem slowed down. However, the telltale signs of a broken heating system started popping up, plus I told myself that I would have to call an HVAC professional. However, I kept forgetting to call the HVAC professional whenever they were open, plus after another Winter time of using the heating system, it was so much worse. Now, the heating system won’t even turn on. I hope that I don’t have to replace the heating system.