Remote repair

And he did not complete the installation properly

I was so glad that I was able to help my good friend the other day by remoting into his computer. No, it was not an actual computer issue, but he wanted me to help fix the app that controlled his smart thermostat. His smart thermostat was acting up and not communicating with the app. He was unable to program the smart thermostat and he had to turn on his central heating and air conditioning system by hand. This is not how a smart thermostat is supposed to work obviously. He knew that I had some experience in heating and cooling from when I worked for an HVAC company a few years ago. I was not a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, but I knew some things about smart thermostats. So I remoted into his computer to see what was going on with the smart thermostat app. After looking at several things the issue appeared to be something pretty simple to fix. It was an error in the installation of the app. He had just installed it on his computer because he just bought the smart thermostat. And he did not complete the installation properly. So I went in and clicked what i had to in order to get the installation of the smart thermostat app to finish the instal process. Everything was then working great and his smart thermostat was fully operational as it should have been from the start. He thanked me deeply and said that he would repay me for fixing his smart thermostat app by taking me to lunch at my favorite pizza place.



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