The church building is comfortable again since the two of us raised the money to have the furnace fixed

It was honestly distraught when the furnace at our church building broke down.

I guess everybody assumed that the church would be able to cover it, however they were not able to afford it.

They finally asked if people would donate money to get the furnace fixed before the weather became too chilly outside. Everybody was shocked however I was ecstatic to see when everybody got into action… Not only did people donate money to have the furnace repaired, however people got together as well as went door to door asking people if they would donate money to get the furnace repaired at the church. They also spoke to people about Jesus as well as how people can be saved through repentance. It was a beautiful message that people brought to others. Some people were interested, some people didn’t care, as well as some people just wanted to provide a little bit of money however didn’t want to hear any church messages. They even invited all these people to come to church, as well as I was amazed when I saw all these new faces at the church. The people I was with and I were able to get the gas furnace repaired as well as abruptly it was nice as well as sizzling in the church building once again! The real miracle was all the new people coming to church as well as they honestly enjoyed the services. I recognize love the two of us should be going out into the community more often as well as speaking to people about the word of God. The people I was with and I have all these new people as well as they are so nice. The people I was with and I have room for more people as well, so it would be superb to reach out to more people.


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