Helping my grandmother to get with the times

I always would visit my grandmother on a regular basis.

I truly felt bad for her in her old age, especially when my grandfather passed away.

Eventually, I realized that she really wasn’t keeping up with the times. She had this ancient dial thermostat that couldn’t be programmed. Her HVAC system was very old and I honestly didn’t know how it was still working. Also I noticed that her air quality was bad, but she didn’t know what to do about things like that. It was always my grandfather who would take care of these things. So I ended up telling her that she needed to get with the times and get a nice smart thermostat with a quality HVAC system. She said she didn’t need anything fancy like that, and she sounded like she was scared of a smart thermostat. I think it’s the wording that scared her. So I had an HVAC technician install a new HVAC system along with the smart thermostat and a nice UV air purification system. I also bought some HEPA air filters so that her air quality would be even better. I showed her how to use the smart thermostat and she realized it wasn’t so bad. She actually prefers the smart thermostat now because it adjusts her temperature control settings automatically after learning her preferred temperature control settings. She loves the fact that she didn’t even have to program the thing. Her air quality is fantastic thanks to the UV air purification system and the HEPA air filters. I just wish she would get a smartphone so she could adjust the temperature control remotely.

New HVAC equipment