Everybody was getting a little tense about the move

Recently, we have been working hard to get our house fixed up so that we can move.

  • We had to explain to all the kids that we are moving to a new place.

We actually found the perfect home that has a lot of space and plenty of rooms. The kids have shared rooms where we live now, but they will all get their own room! We did so many things, including having the HVAC system tuned up and we had a few HVAC parts replaced. We have painted and we have cleaned and sanitized everything in the house. We even had the ductwork system cleaned out. Well, we’re getting close to our moving date when we close, and we have been pretty stressed out making sure everything is good to go. I mean it’s exciting and all, but it’s also stressful because everything needs to go just right. Well, I didn’t think about how stressed our kids were also. They are going to be leaving their friends behind and that’s a sad thing for them. Our daughter recently got into a little argument with my wife saying that she doesn’t want to leave. Then my wife said “you can just stay here then!” That’s when our daughter said, “Fine, I guess I come with the house!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and I guess everybody is just stressed out to the max. I had a talk with my daughter and said that she would like the new house and she would be able to make new friends. I was happy that I was able to cheer her up a little before we moved.


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