I needed an electric blanket to stay warm

The weather has been actually frigid and icy this week, and the weather is constantly cold, but both of us rarely have this many cold afternoons in a row… Honestly, the un-even temperatures know colder than I can remember from past seasons.

The roads are closed at evening and salted in the day before they reopen, then i can’t leave the mountain when there is snow unless I use a snowmobile.

I have an oil furnace in the home and baseboard heaters. The gas gas furnaces usually provide enough heat to keep the home fairly warm. It’s never hot, but it’s constantly just hot enough to stay comfortable. This week, I’ve been cold frigid every day. After 5 afternoons of single digits un-even temperatures, the oil furnace isn’tgetting enough heat to the house. I think it might be time to buy a modern heating system, but I’m not prepared to pay for that equipment right now. I had to find the space heating system in the garage. It was buried under some outdated clothes and tools. I dusted off the vent and cleaned the air filter, and even with the space heating system running and the oil furnace, I was still cold cold. I had to turn on the electric blanket. I can’t remember ever being so cold. All of us still have more than one more weeks of frigid Winter time air, and I think I should keep the space heating system and the electric blanket close. I just heard that both of us are going to earn 6 inches of snow on Tuesday. All of us already have 14 inches of snow on the ground and everything is frozen solid.



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