It’s important to get all the facts

I’m getting an quote on any sizable job, it’s important that you get a detailed sheet that includes all of the jobs that’s all under the responsibility of the business, but my fiance & I wanted to install central Heating & Air Conditioning in our beach cottage.

We knew it was going to be a really sizable job that would be both high-priced & painstaking. My fiance looked online for a business & all of us called a few people to get an quote on the project. All three estimates were widely different, however our fiance & I decided to go with the cheapest 1. We were glad to save $3,000 on the job… Unblessedly, all of us found out that the business was not going to supply a lot of the services that all of us thought would be included. The Heating & Air Conditioning unit was not included in the quote & all of us had to confrontation with a business to get him to reduce the bill. The Heating & Air Conditioning business refused to adjust the bill & all of us entered into a lawsuit to have our currency refunded. We had to call an really different Heating & Air Conditioning business to complete the job & all of us lost our initial down payment in the process. Thank goodness the court decided in our favor. The Heating & Air Conditioning business was forced to refund our initial payment & spend money for the court fees. We actually l gained a really costly lesson about businesss. Anytime you have work done, make sure you learn the quote in detail so it includes everything! A different judge may not have found in our favor & all of us got blessed.

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