A small bird got stuck in the ventilation system

My wife and I were laying in bed yesterday waiting for the sun to come up.

  • We were both half awake when we started to hear a strange sound coming from the ventilation ductwork.

The sound was coming from the back. Work above our bedroom. I thought it sounded like a small bird, but my wife thought I was crazy. I knew it was virtually impossible for a bird to get into the ventilation ductwork, but I was convinced that the sound was chirping. The next day, the noise was even louder and more persistent. I decided to remove the covers from the ductwork in the bedroom. I used the flashlight to see inside of the ductwork. I couldn’t locate anything, but the noise was much louder once I was closer to the ductwork. I decided to call the ventilation company to check on the problem. When they investigated the sound, they used a camera to see inside all of the ventilation system. They were just as shocked as we were to find a small finch in the area above our bedroom. The ventilation expert did not find any holes in our system or any areas that were loose. They have no idea or explanation how the bird got inside the ductwork. It might be a mystery that never has an answer. I thought we were going to need an exterminator. Luckily, they found a way to get the bird out with some creative ingenuity and bird seed. The tiny bird looked scared and hungry, but he flew away and we never saw him again.

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