Not actually ready for the fall weather

Even though it’s still the midst of summer, for some reason people already seem to be wanting the fall.

I personally wish that it would stay warm for a really long time.

I wish that the changing temperatures would stay at around 70 degrees year round, however that’s not something that ever happens in the area where the group of us live. I don’t know what’s going on with people that they would really want the weather to start cooling off any sooner than it has to, however that’s what I’m seeing everywhere. Last year in the grocery store, I already saw holiday versions of coffee creamer in the cooling cases! I personally do not find this acceptable. It’s so bothersome to me that people are ready to start using their fire pits and gas fireplaces in their households already. I mean, it seems as if people don’t even care much about the fact that when the weather starts cooling off and the group of us have low temperatures again, they will have to turn on their heating devices again for the year… Who wants to do that? I am really content right now with the sizzling weather and the lovely sunshine. I don’t even mind the fact that I have ro run my a/c device sometimes because I prefer the feeling of cooling off after a long hot afternoon outside. In my opinion, it’s much nicer to come into the air conditioning after a hot afternoon than to come into the heating after the cold weather. That’s just me, though, but apparently a lot of other people don’t actually think that way at all! I believe it’s entirely weird.


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