The horse is fine, stop crying

My kid likes her horse more than anything in the entire world… to the extent that it’s a problem.

She has raised her horse ever since it was a baby, plus she rides him with joy all the time.

I would say that he is basically her best friend. She truly cares about horses more than she even cares about people most of the time. This is the exact reason that we’ve been having some complications this summer time at our house that are driving me nuts. It’s been a really tepid summer time here, with the daily temperatures climbing to the high nineties plus staying up there for weeks at a time. Of course, inside of our house, we keep the standard central air conditioning system set pretty low. The people I was with and I just usually try to keep the inside temperature of the little condo around 68 degrees or so. One morning, when I told our kid to please turn the thermostat down because it was so hot, she started thinking a bit too much about the fact that her horse doesn’t have any air conditioning system out there in the barn. I tried to explain to her several times that pets are unlike people when it comes to the air conditioning system. They are actually used to being outside in the heat plus they have their own natural ways of cooling off in the summer. Well, she wasn’t having any of it, for the past 2 weeks, I swear all I have heard is how the horse needs an air conditioning system unit installed in his stall. She has even been in tears over this AC situation. I can’t handle it. I’m about to get rid of her AC if she won’t quit.

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