It’s not a good start to things

I had an awful month last month! I can’t even stand to talk about all the drama.

But all ended up with our Heating & A/C plan breaking down plus the realization that I had to pay a small fortune to get it fixed.

It seemed to me that anything on this planet that could possibly go wrong went wrong last week. I was late for work numerous afternoons, right in a row. I had a flat tire 1 morning, plus another morning I fell plus twisted our ankle when I was walking out the door to our house. It was just awful plus I was pretty stressed out at that point about the whole week. Well, to top the whole thing off, I came in 1 horrible morning after a difficult time at my job plus the air conditioning system wasn’t working in our house. The whole locale felt tepid plus stuffy so I went over to the thermostat to see if somehow the existing air conditioning system had gotten turned off. But, in fact, the air conditioning system was still turned on, even though the locale wasn’t properly cooling down at all. I wasn’t really sure what the issue was, however it was so insanely tepid in our house. It made me want to kneel down plus cry to myself because it was really just the icing on the cake of our awful week. I ended up finally calling the local Heating & A/C business plus they fixed the problem for me. When they handed over the bill for fixing our air conditioning system it was immense. I could not provide them currency or a check right then. It was really embarrassing to tell them that, but I had just missed work for several days….

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