Air cleaning technology explained

My wifey plus I have a small company that Services the greater metropolitan area.

We work as accountants plus tax time is the busiest area of the whole year, but my wifey plus I have been busy all of December plus December, but May plus April brought a whole bunch of different obstacles.

We have been meeting our purchasers in the office, even though the virus is starting to become a problem. My wifey plus I wear gloves plus a mask plus every one of us sanitize all of the surfaces in our office. We have aloe based hand sanitizer on both desks plus another bottle near the front door. We also have a single on the wall next to the restroom. We did not want to close the office during the middle of our busiest time of the year. This is the only way every one of us can pay our bills for the entire summer, so every one of us were determined to service as numerous tax purchasers as possible. In order to help the indoor air, our wifey plus I obtained a commercial media air purification system from the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair center. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business supplier installed the media air purification system directly above the front door. I wanted the media air purification system above our desks, but the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier was adamant this was the best arena for the equipment.My wifey plus I are going to continue to service our tax purchasers until the government shuts us down. I suppose they will extend the deadline by a month or several, but if they don’t, all of our purchasers need to be prepared plus ready to file by April 15th.

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