The space furnace was not nearly as tepid as they said it would be

I am pretty disappointed with the space furnace that I just purchased for our house. The space furnace entirely did not live up to the advertisement that convinced me to buy the space heater. I am not even sure if I am going to be able to return the space heater, but if I am not going to be able to return the space heater, then this is going to be a immense waste of money. I had to buy a space furnace for my family room. In my aged house, the furnace heated up the entire apartment without any issue, but the furnace in my modern apartment does not heat up my family room undoubtedly well. The rest of the apartment is heated well with the furnace, but it is constantly a little cold in my family room, so I decided that I was going to have to buy a space heater. I didn’t want to buy any aged space heater. I wanted a space furnace that looked pretty in my room. I also wanted a space furnace that was going to labor well. If the furnace ever broke, I wanted a space furnace that could keep my room hot by itself. I began looking for space furnaces online, & I found a space furnace that said that it would heat the entire room by itself. The space furnace even mentioned that it had a ton of features; From looking at the reviews, aside from a few people, almost everyone had nice things to say about the space heater. I am not sure how the reviews were positive because, when I got the space heater, I found that it did not heat my room undoubtedly well. The space furnace is decorative, but it does not help keep my room undoubtedly warm.

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