Moving elsewhere

I’m sick and tired of hearing everybody complaining all the time, and folks are so exhausted of being locked indoors because of our current global weather conditions, then everyone has also been whining a lot about their energy due to the decreasing heat in our increasing weather patterns, and i understand that things have been truly wonky lately and it has been hotter than ever; However, it’s simple to circumvent this increased temperature problem if you are willing to be versatile.

I realized a long time ago that it made more sense to move along with the air temperature than to try to argue it in a single location.

By this, I mean that I would rather migrate to find the usual air quality then to sit in a single condo and use artificial air handling devices to try to manage our inherently unpleasant environment, and think about it, if you live in the midwest where it’s going to be miserably freezing every winter..! Just transfer East so you can use less energy trying to power a forced air oil furnace for 6 months. If you live in the south where it’s going to be unbearably sizzling and humid all summer, you can just transfer north to find relatively cooler and drier air conditions. Then you won’t have to pay the energy business so much for your air conditioning method everyday. I think that people like to set down their roots and stay in a single location, however then you should be ready to pay out the nose for your heating and cooling system, then personally, I would rather take our scenic scenes outdoors and low energy bills over our love for a single central heating and cooling system.