Heating and Air Conditioning university didn’t teach him manners

I have a strong word of advice for anyone who is going into the service industry, and understand that you are expected to provide a service with a personable and pleasant personality.

I am not sure why people think that they can be servers with a scowling look on their face.

It is baffling when I encounter a mechanic who cannot make eye contact with me. And, most recently, I have been severely put off by the manners of my local heating, cooling, and ventilation control specialist after he rudely addressed my Heating and Air Conditioning problem last week. for quite a while now I’ve been noticing some fluctuations with my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. The air conditioner component was making a lot of different sounds. The oil furnace was putting out lukewarm air all Wintertide long. And I noticed that the air purification plan wasn’t removing all of the noxious smells from my indoor air. I decided to call my heating and cooling repair shop to see if a professional Heating and Air Conditioning specialist could provide myself and others a hand. That’s when they send out 1 of the newer members of the air quality control specialist team, when the guy arrived at my home he did not have much to say before he got to work inspecting the indoor air handling appliances. I did not mind his silence because the heating & cooling service was most important to me. When he was done with his diagnostic appointment, however, I tried to ask the guy a simple question or multiple. In response, he acted as if he could not hear myself and others and walked straight back to the Heating and Air Conditioning truck. I’m sorry, but your task isn’t done until you address the person paying you.

a/c rep