They should honestly shut down this hotel

Last year, my husbandy plus I took a getaway to the tropical islands.

My husbandy plus I we’re happy to spend six mornings on the beach, wonderful in the sand with our feet in the water.

All of us made all the necessary reservations ahead of time, so the two of us didn’t have anything to worry about once the two of us arrived at our destination. My husbandy plus I expected the hotel to look love the photos online. Unluckyly, the hotel was run down plus looks love it should be condemned. My husbandy plus I were afraid to ride the elevator, because it made a rickety plus creaking noise every time it started moving. All of us took the stairs every morning, even though our room was on the sixth floor. The worst area about the hotel was the central a/c. Our room had a thermostat, which I thought was going to be a lovely perk. Unluckyly, the thermostat didn’t seem to properly adjust the indoor hot plus cold temperatures. My husbandy plus I had the a/c thermostat set to 68 degrees while in the entire time the two of us were there. Our room was still hot plus humid plus the air was stale plus odiferous. All of us tried to complain to the front desk about the a/c problems, however they only provided us a free complimentary supper in the study room. They didn’t have any extra rooms available plus they didn’t seem interested in having a repair guy look at the problem. If the two of us go to the islands again, the two of us will genuinely choose a odd resort plus hotel for our stay.

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