After getting respiratory disease, got rid of central HVAC

You never know when everything is going to change in your life.

I think that I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop which causes me to live very anxiously.

I’m stressed out most of the time because I think that danger is waiting around every single corner. I know that this is a problem I need to deal with. However, I wish that I could stop being proven correct. For instance, for the past 20 years I have never been a sickly human. Then, all of a sudden I started suffering from a mysterious respiratory disease. Out of the blue, I found myself coughing and sneezing all day long. It felt like my lungs and airways had started rebelling against me one day. No matter what I did, my indoor air quality seemed to be sparking a terrible respiratory sickness deep in my lungs. After I had run out of prescription allergy medications and air filtration devices I decided that the problem was larger than I could handle on my own. I called in my central heating, cooling, and ventilation control specialist and asked about airborne contaminants. After he told me how filthy central heating and cooling systems could be, even with routine maintenance appointments and regular air filter changes, I was ready to get rid of the central HVAC. I had my central air conditioning unit and furnace ripped out that very day. Now, I use small mini split ductless heating and cooling systems in every room. The maintenance is very easy and my respiratory health has finally recovered.

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